Friday, October 13, 2006

Choosing the write Freelancing Medium:

Since offline marketing is so tedious and will also need a lot of resources. So the obvious choice will be web , the first medium of choice for programmers is freelancing through the web.

Now a days if we type in a simple term as freelance programming in Google, there are millions of freelancing agent websites returned. It is a clear fact that we cannot manage our Service Provider accounts in all the agent websites. So we need to choose a Freelancing Agent will be the one who has a lot of projects to choose from, pays the programmers regularly and sincerely after completion of a project,charges nominal commissions,resolves disputes (if any) by interfacing between the providers and buyers,has secure payment facilities.
The above are some of the qualities to look for a freelance agent. After doing a bit of research on this subject decide the right option.

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