Thursday, October 12, 2006

Freelance Programming

The Software Development and programming world is changing. Big companies are getting bigger and small companies are either getting smaller or getting out of the business. Small and medium level buyers have started looking for cheaper options.

The availability of freelance jobs are also on the rise in the market. If a programmer or software architect is ready to put in some extra hours to use his skills and experience, then the chances of survival in the industry becomes much bigger. Freelance Programming is becoming a potential option, too good to be ignored, helping programmers to earn money and buyers a value for their money as well.

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manish said...

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ericwilliam25 said...

I need an extra income and I was wondering if I can maybe try this freelance programming job. I have been an Oracle developer for more than 3 years now. Do you know which sites are reliable enough to gain me a prospective client or maybe work with a team?

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Alicia Conway said...

Want to share some other tips for freelancers, since I know how it is to begin in this sphere:
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