Friday, October 13, 2006

Types of Freelance Jobs:

There are lots of reputed freelance websites in the market like rentacoder, elance etc., offering chances for both freelance programmers and buyers looking out for cheaper outsourcing. The type of jobs could be different every time. Some of them could be Development of a new project or testing an existing project or enhancing an already available proprietary or open source code or writing content etc.,

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manish said...

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ericwilliam25 said...

Hello, I want to know that what is the best freelance programmer website you know. I am a programmer myself and I am looking for some work. Please help me.

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Freelancer said...

I have worked with .They are good. As the thing that i like the most is they have all verified programmers. Programmers have to give them their company details 1st. which makes more authentic and trustworthy than any other freelancing website on the web. I get my project done in time every time I use service.

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